The Animal Farm

Known to the Wild Ones
The Return of King Arthur

by A.V.Anne  
:) M.E. King.  4th Nov 05 &  16 Apr 08

‘. . . Since the far off days of freedom and justice won by King Arthur, the fair land of Britain had many times fallen under the shadow of cruelty and injustice.

     In the last few centuries, many of the non-humans such as we birds, suffered even more than the common people - and that is saying a lot. Yet it was always foretold that Arthur would one day return, and we knew that when he did, he would have a power far greater than the sword.

     ‘What a day that would be, and we could believe it, for such things  have  happened  on  other  planets  in  far flung  galaxies    of  the  material  universe.  So we waited, and we struggled on, but we never lost hope, and one spring day, at the beginning of the Sixth Age, a new Arthur did indeed come to our rescue .  .  .